Civil Litigation

Whether a serious legal concern arises out of your business dealings or a personal dispute, the prospect of pursuing or defending a civil lawsuit can be intimidating. Thorough, accurate analysis of the strength of your position is essential. So is working with a lawyer who is both trial-proven and committed to exploring all other viable paths to resolution.

Quality Representation Across A Broad Spectrum Of Disputes And Civil Lawsuits

If you are engaged in a commercial or individual dispute, you can turn to the Starks Law, LLC, with confidence. Leveraging substantial experience in negotiations, in mediation and at trial in state and federal courts, attorney Vera June Starks will devote personal attention to your case. Your case will be handled by an attorney - not a paralegal - every time

Ms. Starks is adept at aligning her efforts with each client's most important goals and interests. This includes maintaining a focus on litigation costs as well as strategy development and rigorous case building. We have established strengths across a wide range of situations that may demand civil action such as:

  • Prosecution or defense in lawsuits brought by one company against another, including breach of contract actions
  • Disputes between partners or shareholders in a business, including derivative actions
  • Employer-employee disputes, including those involving restrictions imposed by covenants not to compete
  • Probate litigation to resolve inheritance disputes

Legal Guidance For Protection Of Your Business Or Personal Interests

Whether you need prompt, informed advice from an Atlanta civil litigation attorney or would like to establish an ongoing relationship, we will welcome your call or email inquiry. In addition to serving the entire Atlanta metro area and beyond, attorney Vera June Starks is licensed to practice in Florida.