Partnership Conflicts · Experienced Representation In Contract Disputes

The prospect of having to file or defend against a lawsuit is an unpleasant one for nearly all business leaders, executives and other individuals. It is understandable to worry about the cost of representation, lost time and focus, and uncertain outcomes. The single best step you can take is to sit down with an attorney equipped to attack your problem without losing sight of your budget and other specific concerns.

Vera June Starks is an experienced commercial litigation attorney in Atlanta who will analyze your situation thoroughly and work your case effectively. Engaging other highly qualified professionals if needed, she will provide clear counsel on the strength of your position. If your commercial dispute can be resolved favorably and efficiently through negotiation, she will do everything possible to make that happen. If not, you will have a trial-proven litigator in your corner and on your side every step of the way.

Our knowledge and capabilities at the Starks Law, LLC, span a broad range of complex disputes between companies and their stakeholders, including:

  • Breach of contract allegations and many other types of contract disputes
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes, including those that arise due to allegations of financial wrongdoing and disputes over control and strategic direction

In essence, if a dispute puts your business, financial and personal interests on the line, lawyer Vera June Starks can help you decide how to handle it. Her efforts in this practice area are enlightened by extensive knowledge of employment contracts, liability issues and much more. She is prepared to build the strongest possible case for you - backed by proven ability to navigate state or federal court.

Turn To An Experienced Litigator For Resolution Of Disputes

Ms. Starks' strong background in breach of contract cases and other forms of civil litigation enables her to spot issues counter to our clients' priorities and propose workable solutions. When contract disputes arise, she is adept at analyzing the strength of the parties' positions and building strong, strategic arguments to obtain positive outcomes.

At the Starks Law, LLC, we take litigation seriously without "over-lawyering" issues at our client's' expense. We have ready access to an array of other qualified professionals in specialized fields. For guidance and representation you can trust, please contact our firm anytime at 877-337-5681.

For prompt attention to your legal concerns in Atlanta and surrounding areas, please contact our firm now and schedule a consultation. Ms. Starks' is also licensed in Florida.